Roadmap to Success

Success in most areas of life requires planning. Without planning you don't know where you are going, how to get there or even why you want to go there in the first place. Financially successful people know where they are going and why. They explore their strategic options and develop a roadmap for their success.

Our Simple 7 Step Financial Advice Process

1Why Do We Need Advice?
It’s really important to have a clear picture of why you are seeking help. Ask yourself, "What are we trying to achieve? What are our objectives and goals? Why are they important to us?"

For some this step will be easy and you won’t need much, if any, help. For many it will be hard to articulate the why’s and what’s. To help, our initial meeting/s typically include allocating significant time to finding out why you are seeking help and what you are looking to achieve. ?"

Only when we have an understanding of what is important to you and what that means via your goals and objectives do we move onto to finding out what your current position looks like, via the Data Collection step.

2Data Collection
Whether the advice sought relates to a specific strategic issue or is comprehensive we typically require the same data be collected. It's not what we do know that can create problems further down the path, it's what we don’t know. Bottom line, the more we know, the better our advice is and the greater the benefits to you.

To streamline data collection we ask that clients enter personal details via the website (Login - Client Portal) and forward documentation relating to investments, insurance, tax returns, etc. either via the secure file transfer facility on our website, Dropbox or Australia Post. You know your personal details better than anyone and will be able to enter them faster than us. You also remove the need for us to duplicate the exercise. With the documentation, we know what we are looking for and will be able to extract required details faster. All we need you to do is gather the required documents and forward them on.

3Advice Scoping
We have looked to put you in control of the services offered by providing the option to engage us to address specific Strategic aspects of your affairs or to undertake a Comprehensive review. Once your objectives and goals are known we will then work with you to define the scope of advice to be provided and the nature of the engagement. Our advice will be limited to those areas selected, however where we believe another area warrants attention, we will alert you.

4Advice Development
Once your objectives and goals are known, data is collected and the scope of advice is determined it is off to work for us. We will develop preliminary recommendations and forward our thoughts to you for feedback/questions/discussion. We will typically have a meeting (face to face/online/phone) to run through the proposed recommendations before finalising recommendations.
The next step is formal recommendation of a course of action that will increase the likelihood you will achieve your stated objectives and goals, via a Statement of Advice document. This will involve a strategic action plan, and depending on the scope of advice, possibly also specific investment/insurance recommendations.

We will again communicate via phone, email and/or meeting to make sure you understand the recommendations presented and how they address your objectives and goals.

Just as you have options as to the scope of advice we provide, you also have options as to our involvement in implementation of recommendations.

You can choose to implement all recommendations yourself or engage us to assist you implement some or all of the recommendations.

7Ongoing Advice/Coaching
Engaging us to advise on your position and/or assist with implementing recommendations does not lock you into an ongoing advice relationship.

For clients looking for ongoing advice and/or coaching on their financial affairs we offer a number of options. It can be a Strategic Review service, where specific investment/insurance recommendations are excluded, or a Comprehensive Review service where specific investment/insurance recommendations are inlcuded. There is also flexibility as to meeting/review frequency. Again, you select the option that best meets your needs, be it Annual, Half-Yearly, Quarterly or Monthly.

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