Pre/Post Retirement Singles & Couples

Paid work is, or is nearly, behind us and we have moved on to much more important things. Ourselves, each other, family, travel, hobbies. Life is now the priority, without work getting in the way.
Independent Financial Advice

What makes us different?


Will we be able to enjoy retirement?

What we have has to last and provide the lifestyle we want along the way. How can we achieve this, without taking undue risk? How do we protect what we have accumulated, for not only our benefit, but for our family? How do we generate the income we need?

Quality Accessible Advice

Good upfront planning is important at all stages of life, but probably has the greatest shorter term impact in this stage of life. The decisions you make now can have irreversible consequences so you want to get it right.
While we obviously haven’t reached the post retirement stage of life we have worked with hundreds of clients throughout the pre/post retirement phase of life and understand it’s not all about the money. There is a lot more going on.