Roadmap to Success

Success in most areas of life requires planning. Without planning you don't know where you are going, how to get there or even why you want to go there in the first place. Financially successful people know where they are going and why. They explore their strategic options and develop a roadmap for their success.

Our Simple 7 Step Financial Advice Process

1Data Collection
Whether the advice sought relates to a specific strategic issue or is comprehensive we typically require the same data be collected. It's not what we do know that can create problems further down the path, it's what we don’t know. Bottom line, the more we know, the better our advice is and the greater the benefits to you.

Before an initial meeting we require you to provide significant data and information relating to your position. This ensures you get greatest value from our time together and, ultimately, better advice.

2Initial Meeting
The initial meeting is a low cost, high value add, Financial Health Check meeting. Significant time is spent clarifying the purpose of your planning and what you are looking to achieve. A picture of your current position and the path you are on is pieced together using modelling software. We also explore some "big picture" thinking in relation to your position, including potential strategic options.

Ultimately, we are able to work out if engaging Think Independent for more detailed strategic and investment/insurance product advice will add value to your position.

The meeting typically runs for 90-120 minutes.

3Advice Scoping
We have looked to put you in control of the services offered by providing the option to engage us to address specific Strategic aspects of your affairs only or to undertake a Comprehensive review, where specific investment and/or personal insurance recommendation are also provided.

If engaging Think Independent will add value to your position the scope of advice to be provided and the nature of the engagement are confirmed before proceeding further.

4Advice Development
Once your objectives and goals are known, data is collected and the scope of advice is determined it is off to work for us. We will develop preliminary recommendations and then meet with you to clarify any matters of uncertainty, explore options and work through the preliminary recommendations.

The meeting covers a lot of territory, from how you receive income and manage cash flows through to estate planning and typically runs for 90-120 minutes.

The next step is formal recommendation for a course of action that will increase the likelihood you will achieve your stated objectives and goals. This is via a document referred to as a Statement of Advice. This involves a strategic action plan, and depending on the scope of advice, possibly also specific investment/insurance recommendations.

We will meet again (typically 60-90 minutes) to make sure you understand the recommendations and how they assist your position. You are then in a position to implement the recommendations yourself or you can choose to engage Think Independent to assist with implementation and review of your position.

Just as you have options as to the scope of advice we provide, you also have options as to our involvement in implementation of recommendations.

You can choose to implement all recommendations yourself or engage us to assist you implement some or all of the recommendations. Think Independent can assist with implementation as a standalone engagement, where we assist with the specific matter only, or we can assist with implementation as part of an Ongoing Advice & Coaching engagement, which involves assistance with all implementation items and ongoing advice and review of your position.

Review of your position is conducted via our Ongoing Advice & Coaching service offerings and essentially involves cycling through the previous steps as required over a 12 month period.

Implementation items will be addressed as required/appropriate over the period of the engagement. Your position will also be formally reviewed on either a quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis, with advice provided as needed in the interim.

At the end of the 12 month engagement you can choose to go it alone for a while or engage Think Independent under an appropriate service offering for the following 12 months.