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Financial Health Check

In what ways did you find the initial Financial Health Check meeting valuable?

It was difficult to find a financial planner who appeared to be genuinely independent, and we had put off seeing someone because we didn’t want to just ‘be sold a share portfolio scheme’. I am really pleased to say that we found our financial health check to be exactly what we were looking for and we’ll worth it - we were able to model scenarios if we make certain financial decisions like whether we upgrade and buy a new house, or take a different route. Jason’s advice brought up options we hadn’t thought of and really showed what our financial position would be into the future with clarity. Our time was well worth it and we feel much more confident and a sense of relief about choosing between a number of different paths into the future. – D & K, Dandenong North

I’m not overly financially savvy and tend to put my head in the sand when it comes to facing up to my current financial situation. My initial Financial Health Check meeting with Jason showed me exactly that and where I could reasonably expect to be 5, 10 and 15 years. Having the hard cold numbers presented to me was a valuable wake-up call. – P, St Kilda West

Would you recommend the Financial Health Check meeting to others? Why?

I would absolutely recommend the financial health check to others - and have already done so as a great opportunity to look forward and be able to make decisions with confidence of having a vision of what the impact of those decisions might be into the future. Also great for getting both partners on the same page if there are two of you. – D & K, Dandenong North

I did quite a bit of looking around to find an independent financial advisor that aligned with my needs and situation and one that I felt could trust. I would definitely recommend Jason to others. – P, St Kilda West

Initial Advice Process

How did proceeding beyond the initial meeting to receiving comprehensive advice on your position help you, either personally and/or financially?

It provided clarity on our current financial position and clearly set out realistic future financial goals and the investment strategy to get us there. It was invaluable having this information comprehensively documented, as we had previously been ambling along financially, without regard for where we were headed. – B & S, Greensborough

The direction that the comprehensive advice has given me is immeasurable, giving me detailed steps I so desperately required to achieve my personal and financial goals for my future stability. – D, Lakes Entrance

Think Independent provided us with an extremely comprehensive report, which addressed in detail all matters discussed during the initial meetings, and mapped out a step by step plan of how to implement any action required to be taken. This report has given us great confidence, knowing a considered and holistic plan for our future is now in place. – R & N, Elwood

After a number of reviews with Jason, my wife and I were in a position where we had a strong long-term view on our financial situation, as well as a clear action plan of what needed to be done in the short term. We are now in a position where we have comfort that our actions today will give is financial security in the long term. – N, North Warrandyte

After taking the time to learn about our current position and financial goals, Jason provided very comprehensive and detailed advice, tailored to our situation. This enabled us to feel confident that our finances were in good hands and that we had a clear path forward to achieving our financial goals. – J&P, Richmond

We were given guidance on what to do to keep our investments in a suitable app. for purposes of taxation, tracking and numerous other speciality functions. Help and/or guidance from Jason was always prompt. – V&G, Bayswater

The financial advice we recieved from Jason was incredibly valuable, leading to us reviewing our superannuation arrangements and putting in place insurance products to protect our income. We felt the advice and follow up actions gave us the peace of mind we needed to start a family and the understanding of our future choices and opportunities for wealth management. - J&I, Pascoe Vale South

Do you feel you received value for money? How?

Yes. The fixed fee structure was one of the main things that attracted us to Think Independent, as it meant we could be sure our adviser was acting in our best interests. Even though their fees aren’t being propped up by commissions, they are very reasonable given both the quality and quantity of work that Jason puts in. – B & S, Greensborough

Absolutely, my Advisor was so easy to communicate with and he “got it” talking through current and future opportunities. I am so appreciative and relieved to know by spending the small amount of time taken to “tick off” my checklist and “make it happen” has given me a real sense that my life in my twilight years will not be such a struggle. The money is well worth the amount of time my Advisor has put in to this – MY comprehensive report. – D, Lakes Entrance

Think Independent invested a considerable amount of time and energy in determining our wants and needs for the future, which enabled them to tailor specific advice for our unique situation. We were extremely impressed with the care and detail that went into this advice, which went above and beyond our expectations given their modest fees. And of course, we keep benefitting from this day in day out as the plan is implemented and returns are realised... – R & N, Elwood

This is an outstanding yes for us. In fact, the recommended changes Jason recommended resulted in a pay back, within 6-9 months. Jason’s fixed-price pricing model – is refreshing and difficult to find in the market. This gave us assurance the there was no motivation to sell us something we did not want. – N, North Warrandyte

We do feel that we have received value for money. Jason is an independent financial advisor, meaning we pay lower premiums for products than we may otherwise. We appreciate knowing we are receiving unbiased advice. Jason is always available to help and provides a very thorough and comprehensive service. – J&P, Richmond

Our fees are now reduced by almost half of what we paid our previous advisor and we now get prompt action – V&G, Bayswater

The advice document is very comprehensive and we have revisited it several times in the years since receiving it, for many reasons. It provides a snapshot of our financial position, choices and forecasts of income which has been useful for decision making. - J&I, Pascoe Vale South

Other feedback/comments.

It doesn’t matter how little you think you might have, by reaching out to a professional who has the insight and knowledge of entitlements and services you may not have realised were out there and pointing you in the right direction and what to consider now and in the future has released and appeased any anxiety I was subconsciously stewing over for quite some years. THANK YOU!! – D, Lakes Entrance

I have no hesitation in recommending Jason and Think Independent to anyone looking for guidance with their estate/finances. In fact, I suggested my parents go and see him, and they too are now loyal Think Independent devotees. – R & N, Elwood

Jason has a fantastic business model, that is refreshing in the Financial Advice industry. I would not hesitate to recommend Jason to friends and family, and expect to have regular checkpoints/reviews in the future. – N, North Warrandyte

Jason is an excellent communicator and listener and really knows how to help his clients think about money and choices in a practical but deep way. He is highly experienced and knowledgeable and really cares about his clients. His commitment to independence is unique and really valuable. - J&I, Pascoe Vale South

Ongoing Advice & Coaching

How did proceeding beyond the initial meeting to receiving comprehensive advice on your position help you, either personally and/or financially?

I was skeptical at first that we’d need ongoing advice in addition to the comprehensive initial report. However, in addition to having Jason on call to bounce thoughts off when required, we find the quarterly reviews invaluable. They provide assurance that when we advise of any change in our circumstances, Jason will work through the financial implications and update his advice accordingly. This provides peace of mind that we’ll never be caught on the hop in any financial matters. – B & S, Greensborough

Engaging Think Independent has provided peace of mind that our finances are in good hands. Financially we feel confident that we have a sensible plan in place to manage our finances and achieve our goals. Personally, it is reassuring knowing that a highly qualified and independent financial advisor is overseeing our finances, and that we have Jason to contact should any questions arise. – J&P, Richmond

We continue to get prompt action on whatever we asked about. – V&G, Bayswater

Other feedback/comments.

Great value for money and a safe and sure pair of hands to help navigate what is an extremely complex area and one that you can’t afford to get wrong. – B & S, Greensborough

Jason is reliable, trustworthy and very responsive. He is a pleasure to work with and we would highly recommend him. – J&P, Richmond

We probably underuse the service but know that if we do need it, it will be forthcoming. Our hidden (or not easily located) fees are now reduced by more than half. This is especially important for our pensions as we cannot top these up due to age limits. – V&G, Bayswater

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