Data Collection

Regardless of whether the advice sought relates to a specific issue or is comprehensive we typically require the same data be collected. The list below looks long, but some items may not be relevant to your circumstances and most items take minutes to gather, not hours. If your planning is important to you it is worth the effort. Bottom line, the more we know, the better our advice is and the greater the benefits to you.

Items Typically Required

  • Completion of questionnaire,
  • Copy of most recent statement for super/pension accounts, including investment option and insurance details.
  • Copy of most recent insurance schedule, detailing type and amount of cover and premiums.
  • Copy of most recent managed investment statements, detailing investment options.
  • Copy of Broker listing for ASX listed securities.
  • Copy of most recent tax return/s.(Copy of eTax file or electronic file from accountant is OK)
  • Copy of recent pay notice.
  • Copy of most recent financial statements for company/trust/SMSF
  • Copy of Will/s
  • Copy of Powers of Attorney/Guardianship
  • Statement of Advice/Plan (for Second Opinion service only)
  • TFN authority (unless TFN removed from above documentation)
  • Information release (if Think Independent are to source documentation on your behalf)
  • Data collected is used for internal purposes only. It is not provided to external parties.
    Documents/files can be forwarded via the Client Portal, via email, via hard copy mailed to our office or a service such as Dropbox. Whatever works for you is OK by us.
    If requested data is not provided this could seriously compromise the relevance of the advice provided. We will decline to provide advice and refund any money paid if data requested is not provided and this prevents us from providing competent advice.